13 May 2008

The Aftermath

This morning we pitched our capabilities to a panel of ten -- representatives of varoious departments of one of our largest clients.

Unexpectedly my account service counterpart had to miss the presentation due to a death in his family. So, at the last minute (yesterday) I was scrambling to finish the display and video portion of our presentation and now prepare a speech that I hadn't written or practiced.

I rewrote my speech last night and then again (for the third time) beginning this morning at 6:30. I read and reread it several times.

During my presentation I sort of condensed a lot of what I was saying. I got really nervous for some reason. Then, the audio screwed up (facility issue). So, we unplugged the audio jack and played it directly from my laptop.

When all was said and done the 12 of us (my colleagues) made lunch plans. As four of us got back into my car, I believe I screamed "Holy Crap, y'all! My fly is open!"

So, I stood in front of 10 clients and 11 colleagues with my fly open. Thankfully, my suit is tailored and it fits. So, no gaps. Nobody was the wiser. I hope.

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ZenDenizen said...

Hahahahaha, might've helped you depending on who you were pitching to. OK that just sounded really wrong.