01 May 2008

Cat's Paw

When I was a kid my mother used to take us to Campbell's Shoe Repair to have shoes reheeled or resoled, and I remember seeing signs for Cat's Paw rubber heel replacements.

Today, I feel like such a heel.

My friend Shawn commemorated my birthday with a very nice card, mailed snail mail which I think is special. We talked a bit on the phone that day and it was all around a great day with the exception that Cameron was out of town.

Fast-forward to Tuesday, April 29. It's Shawn's birthday. I didn't send him a card. I didn't even IM him that day. I was so inundated and preoccupied with putting together a 114-page book (in one day) that I thought of nothing else. I was here from 9:00 AM until Midnight. I was here so late that I even went home to find that Billie had pooped on the bedspread that Georgia had dragged into the floor of the guest bedroom.

Still, it's a gross oversight. And, I am so good at remembering birthdays, usually, that I feel this one is especially heinous.

So, in his honor I'm saying Happy Birthday, here. Shawn, I hope you had a great day.

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