21 May 2008


Lisa, here we come.

I went to the Shell station yesterday to find a tanker truck pumping gasoline into the storage tanks. Although the dashboard's little gas pump icon had been on for three days, and the VW's information center had displayed "PLEASE REFUEL" all the while, I drove a few extra blocks to an Exxon for $56 worth of $3.85 per gallon premium because I learned years ago (while working at StupidAmerica*) that one shouldn't refuel during such times as the fuel being delivered can cause sediment or water in the tanks to be pumped into one's car, clogging fuel filters, fuel injectors and causing all kinds of havoc.

Today, I'm going to finish detailing the car, attempt getting an oil change and looking over my shop manual to see if there is any of the 4,000 mile overdue 40,000 mile service I can do before we hit the road. I have a few things to finish up around the house before I do this, though. I need to go to Lowe's for some floodlamps for our security system. I need to put a new battery in the timer for the watering system. And, I need to figure out why Georgia is running around the yard with a ball of dirt in her mouth.

But, before that it's poop duty. I was busy planting, replanting, washing, waxing and whatever else yesterday, so I didn't get around to it. But, now I must.

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