20 May 2008

I Have Some Catching Up to Do

Wow. It's been an incredibly busy few weeks. I am finally getting the time to sit down and think about what I've missed posting about. First off, I haven't mentioned Cameron's birthday gift to me (besides the dozen roses he sent to my office). Below isn't the best photo of it because I kept fighting glare and reflections in the glass.

A few weeks ago he had Chip Foose from Discovery's "Overhaulin" on one of his flights. A few people asked for autographs and the like. And, being the awesome husband he is, Cameron thought of me and asked if Chip could do a sketch of my car. Chip told him that he wasn't sure what a 1967 Grand Prix looked like but he worked on it anyway. The only paper Cameron could find was an Inflight Incident Report. Mr. Foose did a great job, I think, since he wasn't sure he remembered the car.

He had it framed but was bursting at the seams to give it to me. So I got it a week or so before my birthday. It's awesome. And, so is Cameron.

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