01 May 2008

Thursday 1 May

It's May Day and it's partly cloudy, but there's no rain in the forecast for today. I drove the Grand Prix today, top down. Eric and I decided to drive it to Tops Bar-B-Q for lunch where we ordered the usual: "#4, all the way, double fry." That's their lexicon so that's the way we order it. And, I suppose we're somewhat familiar faces there.

#4 (Double Cheeseburger), all the way, Double Fry

After we staked our claim at a booth in what Eric referred to as "The Garden Room," he went to the counter for a small cup of mustard. When he returned, he said, "I got some sass while I was at the counter."

Apparently he asked why the place got so smoky suddenly. I'm not sure which of the gals behind the counter answered, "it's a barbecue place."

E: "It wasn't this smoky a minute ago."

She: "It's a barbecue place."

E: "Did the vents shut off?"

Then, the woman wearing a "Julia"-styled wig, a la Dihann Carroll from the 1960s show with the same name, and orange lacquer hoop earrings, says, "Look at you! What do you know about those vents?"

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