06 May 2008

Tuesday 6 May

As you can tell from recent Luncheonette posts I haven't been eating a very healthy diet. It's time to jump back on the "no fast food" bus. Eric ditched me for lunch today to run to his tailor's and then to Danver's for one of the poorest excuses for a salad bar that I've seen in recent years. Gone are the days of the mega-sized salad bars like Sizzler used to have when I was a teen. Hell, Wendy's used to have a pretty awesome salad bar. But my idea of a salad bar has more than some iceberg, spinach, cucumbers, cheddar cheese and fake bacon bits. I'm not going to rattle off the entire salad bar's offerings here, but let it suffice to say that it's very, very basic.

So, I hopped into the convertible (it's a beautiful day) and drove over to Bogey's Delicatessen in Overton Square. Purveyors of all the delicious Boar's Head products you can imagine, I pondered ordering one of the best Reuben sandwiches around. But, as usual, I fell back to my favorite: the Salad Sampler. On Fridays it includes Shrimp Salad, but today being Tuesday I get half a deviled egg instead. The salads are Potato, Pasta, Chicken, Tuna, and Romaine with chopped tomatoes, cucumber and vinaigrette.


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