25 June 2008

Love This.

Could Hate "Them." Instead Only Pity Them.

I found this at Kenneth in the 212's blog.

And I love it. Reportedly Heinz caved to Christian right-wing nuts and pulled the spot after only a week on the air. Funny thing is that I don't necessarily think that idea was to make it "gay." I feel certain that the folks who came up with the spot intended for the humor to be in that "Mom" was decidedly a New York deli owner/operator. Stereotypically, the character is a man, and here, casting is dead on.

Too bad the so-called Christians missed the whole point.

Jesus would love the spot.

12 June 2008

A Thing of Beauty and Validation

We haven't had water lilies in the pond for at least three years. Our koi have gotten so large that they tear them up leaf by leaf and kill them in a matter of days. They haven't had a chance of survival, let alone thriving.

After an early spring trip to Memphis Zoo, I noticed wire cages built around drains in their pond. This gave me an idea. As soon as the lilies were available at Trees by Touliatos, we bought one that's hardy in this zone. I took some plastic mesh with 1 and a half inch openings and attached it to the pot with plastic wire ties and closed the vertical seam with the same, and made sure that once the plant was in the water that the mesh would be just a fraction of an inch below water.

I am so happy to see that my handiwork is a success. The lily is thriving. I had 4 or 5 "pads" when we bought it. Now, there are 12 to 15 pads. The mesh has nicely been disguised by a bit of typical moss growth. Plus, I was able to walk out with Billie and Georgia for my morning coffee and plant watering to see this in the pond:

08 June 2008

Dang. Can't Find Enough Time To Finish The Road Trip Post.

I'm still working on it and I have my notes for reference but have been way too busy. In the meantime, this is what we did this weekend. Cameron and our friend John pressure washed the entire thing and yesterday we stained it. Hopefully this opaque stain will weather better than the semi-transparent type we used before.

I'm ready for some of this:

02 June 2008

Where the Rubber Hits the Road

My friend, Shawn, is riding in AIDS LifeCycle 7 from San Francisco to L.A. Today is day 2. Check out his ALC7 blog here.

And, while you're there make a donation or give some encouraging words of support to him or the entire group.