25 June 2008

Love This.

Could Hate "Them." Instead Only Pity Them.

I found this at Kenneth in the 212's blog.

And I love it. Reportedly Heinz caved to Christian right-wing nuts and pulled the spot after only a week on the air. Funny thing is that I don't necessarily think that idea was to make it "gay." I feel certain that the folks who came up with the spot intended for the humor to be in that "Mom" was decidedly a New York deli owner/operator. Stereotypically, the character is a man, and here, casting is dead on.

Too bad the so-called Christians missed the whole point.

Jesus would love the spot.

1 comment:

The Angry Czeck said...

Why were those two dudes kissing? How come the kids kept calling that guy "mum?" Since when did Heinz make mayonaise? I'm confused.