08 July 2008

Oh, The Goddess of Dawn

I was quite surprised when I arrived home the from work last Tuesday to see a red VW Beetle convertible sitting in the driveway. When I came outside, Cameron was sitting at the table talking to somebody on the phone. When I asked "is it yours?" he asked me to take a look at his buyer's order. I looked it over and while I couldn't understand how a Beetle could have an MSRP in the $28K range, it looked like he'd driven a hard bargain and got a good deal.

Thing is, I never looked at anything but the numbers. After about fifteen or so minutes of my studying the document he said, "look at the top."

That's when I saw it. Clearly typed in the description line was the word, "Eos".

Cameron picked up his new car on July 5. We drove it for a short while with the top down on our way to John and David's that evening but we stopped less than five miles from home to put the top up. Seems like every holiday that we go to John and David's it rains. Storms, in fact. Once we drove the Grand Prix over and John insisted that I park it in the driveway. As such, he moved his car to the side of the garage. During the storm that night a huge limb fell from his neighbors sycamore and crushed it. Totaled it.

This problem sycamore has caused damage to their roof and smashed their fence on two other separate occasions as well, but their neighbor refuses to do anything about it. They replaced that Intrepid with first, a 1963 Nova because John is a car freak like me, and then after a year or so of frustrating parts searches and a pesky electrical problem, they sold it and bought a Mercedes. John's happy with the results.

I'm still working on the vacation post. Don't know if it's interesting reading at all, but it's a chronicle of the trip. And now that we're almost a month from it, I'm thankful that I took notes. I've been busy with work although not swamped, meeting contractors for the last two weeks in an attempt to find a trustworthy HVAC installer that is reasonably priced, had a party with Cameron for Kym and Bruce and their friends, and started training classes with Georgia. Meanwhile, there's laundry, yardwork and other things.

I'll try my best to have the diary posted by week's end.

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