04 August 2008

Sign of the Times

My friend David sent me a link today which took me to House Industries, one of my favorite type foundries, design firms, appreciators of great design. House has proven that I'm not alone in my appreciation of design, letterforms and the craft that it took to create them in years past.

There are innumerable sites online dedicated to vintage signs, advertising and the like, such as Roadside Peek. As a designer, it's disturbing to watch these pieces of history become forgotten. Someone gave a great deal of thought to creating something unique for each of these businesses and it seems as the phenomenon grew the more wild the applications became.

It hurt to watch this video. The sign that this story is about wasn't too outrageous, but it was nicely done. And to see it replaced with the piece of crap that was proposed is a travesty. I wish more people understood why it's important to preserve the art.

Watch Aaron James Draplin's video as posted by Andy Cruz of House Industries. He is passionate about this, so if you're offended by "F-bombs" you may want to skip it -- but I hope you don't.

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