21 August 2008

Thursday, 21 August

Not wanting to eat any of the usual suspects that are close, quick and most likely crap, I opted for a Cherry Picker smoothie from Smoothie King with muscle builder since I plan on going to the gym this evening. While I usually go to the location at Poplar Plaza where Clif Bars are plentiful, I chose to go to the newer location on Union that's much closer to my office.

While my Cherry Picker was being made I looked at the energy/health/whatever bar selection hoping to find a delicious Apricot or Cherry Almond Clif Bar to round out my lunch. Instead, I found this:

Taken in by the nice, atypical packaging which reflected what I consider an "Archer Farms sensibility," I anticipated a delicious alternative to my favorite Clif Bar. Boy was I surprised. I don't think I've put anything this disgusting in my mouth since the piece of fermented soybean sushi I ate in Nagoya, the taste of which stayed in my mouth for the remainder of the day no matter how hard I tried getting rid of it.

After two bites I shared my disappointment with Eric and asked him to try it. He came to the same conclusion I did. It sucks.

Beauty is only skin deep after all.

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