03 September 2008

Keep it Comin' Love

K.C. and the Sunshine Band is perenially featured in various disco compilations and seems to be a staple for "Polyester 100" weekends on our white-bread, tiresome Top-40 station here in Memphis. While I love disco/dance/trance/electronica, I've never been a fan of the overly-repetitive, not really talented musicians that make up K.C. and the Sunshine Band. Slam together some bass beats, come up with a one sentence lyric and repeat it, over and over and over and over = classic disco?

No. Not really.

But, I chose the title of this post from one of those tedious songs because it's an appropriate way to say, "thanks for voting for Doris on"

Eighty votes later, her score is still 8.34. And for that, I thank all 80 of you. If you haven't voted, please do. If you have, please don't try to vote again. Jones Soda only allows one vote per IP address and if too many attempts are made from one address they'll pull the photo -- and we don't want that!


ZenDenizen said...

I voted as well!

As for the disco song, I'm surprised it wasn't co-opted at the RNC along with September by EW & F. Ugh.

David said...

I know -- what a way to make us associate a great song with something terrible for the rest of our lives. :(