27 September 2008

Today, Well Yesterday, Really

Since it's 12:44 A.M., I shouldn't really refer to now as "today", but I haven't gone to bed yet, so it's still "today."

Work was the usual, except that I took 1.5 hours personal time this morning going over paperwork and looking for Alcoholics Anonymous meetings for the week. When I did go to work I pulled the Grand Prix out of the garage. Even though it needs work, driving it compares to nothing on the road in modern terms. It's fast, with a smooth ride and its just heaven.

Since I've exhausted the greeting card inventory at Inz-n-Outz looking for appropriate cards to send Cameron, I drove to Davis-Kidd Booksellers and found an ample supply of cards for encouragement, support and love. Afterwards, I stopped in at Baer's Den to talk to Jeremy for a few minutes.

It's now 7:49 P.M., Saturday, 27 September, and I'm finishing this post, so "today" is today.

After work I went to the gym for a pretty good workout. I then raced home, fed the dogs, showered and went to Holy Trinity Community Church for my first of many AA meetings. My counselor is recommending "90 meetings in 90 days," but I told her I have until October 21 to complete many of the tasks I've set out to before Cameron comes home. I'm not only cleaning house emotionally, I'm doing it literally. John helped me clear out the attic Wednesday and I'm working on collecting things from various rooms in the house for a yard sale on October 4.

After the meeting where I met some really nice, supportive folks, I drove to Schnucks and picked up some sushi and seaweed salad for dinner and some supplies for the next few days. I sat down in front of the TV for the first time in a while, watched the news and listened to the talking heads after the debate before I became bored with it and started channel surfing. Thankfully I found "What's up Doc?" playing on our local PBS station. I'd forgotten how much I liked the movie. It was a welcome diversion.

It's now Sunday morning, 28 September. And I'm still working on this post.

Yesterday, I woke up to a call from Cameron. He sounds so good. I tried not to cry and I assured him that my tears were ones of happiness. But, after not talking to him since Monday, 22 September, it was a relief to hear his voice. After a pot of coffee and a call from Cleo, I set out for Goodwill and dropped off three large bins of clothes and shoes, stopped at the Earth Complex recycling station in Cooper-Young and dumped a big box of magazines and junk mail, stopped at Homo Depot and picked up some wire grinding wheels for working on the 1953 Tappan, some double stick adhesive tape and some wood screws for transforming the bar into a secretary. This should be an easy task, since the bar is really an art deco English baking cabinet with a porcelain fold-out workspace and lots of cubbies and drawers.

After I returned home, I made an egg, cheese and ham sandwich on an English muffin for breakfast, even though it was noon. John arrived in the middle of making the thing, and I offered him one, but he wasn't hungry -- he'd eaten an entire bag of tater tots the night before and wasn't feeling too hot. Once I finished, we grabbed the chain saw and went out front and buzzed down the sixty-plus-year-old azaleas that were surrounding our seventy-plus-year-old oak tree. One had displayed signs of disease a month or two ago, and an arborist told me two years ago that I should keep them trimmed away from the tree so the base of it could dry out regularly or it would develop a fungus that would kill it. It was just time for a change and I want to preserve this tree. For now, it's so lovely seeing the magnificent trunk of the tree that I doubt anything will be planted around it in the future.

Cleo stopped by while we were finishing up the chain saw work. We decided that she'd clean the pool tomorrow (today) and she and John left. I got in the Pontiac and drove to BFE for dog food and to stop at Barnes and Noble to find the AA 12-step book. I stopped at Midtown Mini Mart on the way home for a carton of cigarettes for Cameron and lottery tickets. Once I was back home I heated up a bowl of Campbell's Select Harvest French Onion soup -- it was the first time I'd tried any of this new line of soups -- I really liked it.

I priced yard sale items for about four hours, intermittently looking up eBay auctions in preparation for some new listings I'll be posting on the auction site in the next day or so and finally stopped around 10:20, made some popcorn and settled in to watch Saturday Night Live. Billie and Georgia shared my popcorn. After it was gone I was still hungry, so I made a ham sandwich that I couldn't finish and fell asleep in the recliner without finishing SNL. I woke up and took the girls to bed with me at 4 o'clock in the morning.

It's now 9:49 A.M., and I'm about to put on my flip-flops and grab the chain saw to rid the front yard of what's left of the stumps. Then it's on to dog poop duty, mowing, weed-whacking, edging and then back in the house for laundry, vacuuming, and pricing more yard sale stuff.

Here's to hoping that the two or three readers of this so-called blog have an awesome, wonderful day.

Now is the right time.
-- Lotus Sutra

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