10 October 2008

Bucking the Program

As you may have deduced, I am using the 12-step program to make some significant changes in my life. The Serenity Prayer,* a big part of the program, helps me keep things in perspective. When I'm faced with a situation to which I'm not sure how to respond, I can first, have faith that if I "let go" what's meant to happen will, but also I can think for a moment before I react.

Yet, with this post I may not be accepting "the things I cannot change" or exercising "the wisdom to know the difference" by imploring us to elect leaders that can pronounce "America" as such, not "Amurka", and "nuclear" instead of "nucular." I've heard, as Paris Hilton called him, "old white guy" say "Amurka" enough times to make me vomit. And Sarah "Pale in comparison to Joe Biden" say "nucular" so often that my further questioning of her intelligence and enlightenment seems validated. They sound just like "Dumbya". To me these are perfect examples of why we should expect more of the same failed policies under McCain/Palin leadership.

One way I can rest assured that I am following the meaning of the Serenity Prayer is that I'm having "the courage to change the things I can" by voting for change on November 4. I'm not convinced that we're getting the best opportunity for significant change by voting for Obama, but I know that we'll start to dig out of the pit of despair that "Dumbya" has squarely placed us within.

Because Obama can clearly say "America" and "nuclear" I believe that there may be more to him. When he's elected our leadership can begin to look intelligent to the rest of the world again.
* God, grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference.


Paddy said...

AMEN! I sent my absentee ballot in on Monday, so I've already voted for change! YEAH!

ZenDenizen said...

Good point, Obama is not the cure all but he's a logical step in the right (er, left?) direction which I feel is so important for morale right now. My Naderite friends don't seem to understand this :\