19 January 2010

I Found This Lurking in Draft Mode

Much of what I wrote on 2 January 09 still applies, including the turmoil if we change some of the locations. Last year it was China, this year Haiti. The remainder is applicable, too, in spite of the media's non-stop attempt to tell us otherwise. In the end how we respond -- as individuals, as a nation and as a world -- is what counts.


We could approach 2009 with a somber tone if we chose. There are so many lives all over this third rock from the sun in turmoil, and for them the stroke of midnight on December 31 didn't bring magical transformation. In the so-called "news" I hear plenty of 2008-bashing with good reason I suppose. At first considering the quagmire in Iraq, the earthquakes in China, foreclosures everywhere, job loss and the failing world economy the past year looks pretty bad.

Sitting here in the comfort of my home it's easy to say WE make the years good or bad. It's easy to say it's all about attitude or outlook on life. But, it is. When we eliminate from the equation the part of life over which we have no control -- the things with which we simply have to cope -- the year wasn't so bad.

But the economy? The war? Poverty? Ours. It's up to us to be the harbingers of change. And, as for 2008 We had the courage to change the things we could. At least the election resulted in something hopeful.

And, for me, 2008 wasn't so bad after all is said and done. It wasn't without its hardships. That's life. Saying this doesn't mean I'm not ready for the symbolic "mulligan." I pray for serenity, acceptance for the things I can't change, courage to change the things I can, and finally the wisdom to know the difference.

Today is going to be a great day.

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