10 April 2009

Good Friday

It's been a while since I've posted on dminmem. I guess I've become a Facebook whore, but the cache, and therefore the obsession, is wearing off I think.

While there have been lots of things going on around here I don't think I have much about which to post. A short list might include that Cameron is commuting to and flying out of Atlanta, now. Or, that I bought a new car. Or, that we bowled dismally in the St. Patrick's Invitational Tournament and for the first time in history Whatever (our bowling team) isn't in the top three in league standings. This half of the season were in the bottom three. And, after last week we're likely in last place.

I've been attempting to recount my recent trip to Louisville for my dad's quintuple bypass surgery but it's been slow going. Each time I look at the draft I end up editing it because I think it's boring which pretty much guarantees that you will, too. Of course, if I'm realistic I know that many of my posts are just that.

So, while I leave here to pull together Easter dinner plans, I'll contemplate ways to make dminmem a place that you might want to visit. Until then, good day!

1 comment:

ZenDenizen said...

I agree that it's easier to just slap something up on Facebook and get the instant gratification rather than composing a real post :)