07 May 2009

Happy Easter

I wrote this post on April 14, and just found it floating around on my desktop. There is one more that I'll be posting that I believe is about my trip to Louisville for my dad's surgery.

Last night, after a day in the yard raking, digging and mulching, I got a late start on my errands for today's Easter dinner. I knew my only shot for picking up Frisee, let alone fresh fava beans, was The Fresh Market because no matter how comprehensive they try to make their produce departments, regular grocers like Kroger or Schnuck's wouldn't have either. Leaving here at 8:30 I made a beeline to Eastgate Shopping Center. Just as I suspected I found the frisee but no fava beans. I picked up a beautiful heirloom tomato, some leeks, a couple pineapples, baby spinach and mint. I picked up a red velvet cake for Cameron because he asked me to pick up something sweet. I grabbed some country mustard, caperberries, and capers.

Five minutes before closing time I made it to a cashier who mentioned that The Fresh Market was closed for Easter and that she felt that people should be given the opportunity to celebrate the holidays with family instead of having to work. I recalled when I was a youngster, back in the 1960s, most of the businesses in Sellersburg were closed on Sunday except for maybe the bait shop and that everything was closed on holidays. I told her that I thought it should still be this way.

Because The Fresh Market can be a bit pricey, I drove from there to Mexican Kroger on Summer Avenue for the rest of my list of staples and supplies for preparing one of Martha Stewart's Easter menus. After putting my groceries in the back of the wagon, I called Exline's and ordered two 9-inch "Special" pizzas, one with anchovies and one without. I still had ten minutes' wait for my order when I arrived at the pizza parlor so I popped into Blockbuster and rented "Cadillac Records," "The Bank Job," "Doubt," and "Role Models." The latter was an impulse because the guy at the counter asked, "would you like to grab another movie? It's rent three get the fourth free." I asked him if it was as stupid as I expected it to be since it was a Seann William Scott feature.

Seann William Scott in Role Models.

By the time I got home around 10:30, Cameron and I were starving. He helped me bring in the groceries and put the perishables in the fridge between preparing trays for us. We popped "Doubt" into the DVD player and ate "the best pizza in town." We finished our pizza and the movie, then watched "Role Models" while eating the red velvet cake from The Fresh Market. As I expected, the cake was fantastic. It should have been for $16.

This morning, I checked e-mail, Facebook and eBay. The auction listing for the Grand Prix garnered 1,886 visits, 38 people watching, a couple of questions and no bidders. I had lowered the reserve from the previous week's listing from $13,500 to $12,500, the "Buy it now" price. The earlier listing didn't have the buy it now price, received 1,800 hits, had 29 watchers and one bid for the starting price of $11,300. So, for now, the Pontiac is staying with me.

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