31 August 2009

Monday · 31 August

It's been a long time since I've done a "Luncheonette" post. I suppose I just felt like today would be as good as any for one. Conflicted with the taste for something Asian, I figured my options were either Vietnamese from Pho Saigon or sushi take-out from The Fresh Market.

Given that I was in Cameron's Eos and that it's a beautiful outside, by the time I got to Pho Saigon I decided to skip combination vermicelli and spring rolls for continuing the top-down drive to Eastgate. Even as nerve-wrecking as navigating traffic through the "Poplar Horridor" can be, the sun-shiny break away from my desk was therapeutic.

The deli at The Fresh Market is a large rectangle surrounding a kitchen. One side is where shoppers will find a large, atypical selection of meats and cheeses sliced to order. Continuing to the next side, one will find a smorgasbord of ready-to-eat main courses and side dishes next to grab-and-go sandwiches and salads. The next side is where the small sushi station is located next to fresh pasta and prepared sauces to take home, heat and eat. The last side is a huge display of prepackaged cheeses, specialty meats and hors d'oeuvre type spreads such as Boursini and hummus.

As I approached the Japanese section of the deli where the two sweet, gracious girls who run it keep seaweed and fried calamari salads, spring rolls, assorted sushi rolls and Nigiri neatly on display, I found a dumpy, confrontational, disrespectful blonde occupying all of the space in front of the sushi with an inconsiderate big-ass-in-stretch pants/cart combination. She was shoving a sushi box up toward the faces of the girls asking "what type of fish is this? Because the box isn't marked." She reminded me of the clichés I usually see at this store. Let's let it suffice to say that money can't buy class, taste or respect for others.

With their answer, Dumpy Stretchpants dropped the box of assorted nigiri with tuna, salmon, eel and shrimp back into the display and moved away. The girls glanced toward her, then to me, quietly giggling at the idiot. I couldn't resist rolling my eyes in a half-assed show of support and gratitude for their grace.

My clearly marked boxes, like all of the others in the display, were filled with spicy, crunchy shrimp tempura roll and a vegetable roll were delicious as I enjoyed them at my desk.

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