01 October 2009

In This Case, "S & G" Do Not Stand for What May First Come to Mind

Assess Yourself

Here's another checklist to help you assess your current employment situation. Check the statements that apply to you (and ignore for now the letter after each statement):

1. I look forward to going to work most every day. (S)
2. My employer treats me fairly and with respect. (S)
3. I live for the weekend, or any days away from work. (G)
4. I feel valued and appreciated for my professional contributions. (S)
5. My workplace feels "toxic." (G)

6. I can be myself at work and not have to worry about being judged. (S)
7. I am included in my company's "information loop." (S)
8. My employer discusses with me and provides opportunities for advancement and professional development. (S)
9. I am commended for the extra effort I perform. (S)
10. I am stimulated intellectually and creatively by my work. (S)

11. I feel that I am making a positive contribution to society. (S)
12. I am compensated well for my work. (S)
13. I find myself daydreaming frequently about a new career. (G)
14. I feel that my work is a natural extension of who I am as a human being. (S)
15. I see myself as successful. (S)

16. I feel trapped and stuck in my current position. (G)
17. I feel in control of my career destiny. (S)
18. I am working at the level of my full potential. (S)
19. My current career negatively impacts those close to me. (G)
20. I have a desire to try something new and different. (G)

Now, count the number of "S" and "G" responses you have. "S" means "Stay" and "G" means "Go." This checklist is a reliable indicator of whether or not your present job is a good fit for you. Clearly, the more "G" ("Go") responses you checked, the more critical it is for you to start thinking about new opportunities.

Debra Davenport, PhD, is a Master Professional Mentor career counselor, and the president of DavenportFolio, a licensed firm that mentors entrepreneurs and professionals. She is the creator of the Certified Professional Mentor designation and certification program. Reach her at or (480) 348-7875.

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