23 February 2010

It's Craptastic!

Borrowing the above phrase, one which I usually save for reference to Comcast during all too frequent rebooting exercises, I am repurposing the phrase and am relieved to report that the LitterMaid debacle is finally over. I carried the piece of junk to the dumpster no more than thirty minutes ago. It's Craptastic!

Now we're back to using a Booda Clean Dome, the self-proclaimed "best litter box in the World." In this case, I'd have to agree. With it's grand, sweeping, circular steps into the "business" area, which are designed to prevent litter tracking, it reminds me of a theatre. Maybe it needs a marquee: "The Poop Theatre." Anyway, it's probably the least offensive color I've seen in a cat box. The last Booda, which we ditched when the LitterMaid was new and full of promise, was a hideous metallic turquoise color. I liken it's aesthetic to the nasty packaging design of Kleenex® and Puffs® boxes. Thank God for Target and it's monochromatic scheme.

Pardon me, I digress. Not that I would ever consider a litter box an integral part of decorating our home, The new Booda is the color of burnished gold, and it at least will sit quietly in the corner instead of screaming "look at my ugly, metallic [insert a color never intended for home interiors here] self!"

Sorry to cut this short, but I see a white tornado running crazily around the yard. Time to go wipe off "hands and feet," or I'll have to break out the sponge mop. Yes, I said sponge mop. I'd rather dip, squeeze, mop and rinse than swirl the dirt and leave a haze like I would with a Swiffer Wet Mop. We've been there, and done that. Procter & Gamble should have left well enough alone with their wildly successful replacement for the dust mop.