12 April 2010

In Dreams

That Roy Orbison song is one of my favorites, and I decided to use it for this post because it's the first thing that came to mind.

So, this morning around 6AM, I was awakened by a dream I'd been having:

Two former colleagues, (bosses, actually) and I walked into the lobby of a grand, historic building that was being demolished. I began picking up and handing them pieces of ornate, decorative, deep red tile and cornices that had already fallen amongst the concrete and rubble.

At some point, we became separated, I suspect that this is because as I began to delve deeper and deeper into the debris I lost all sense of place and time. As I continued further into the darkened space, I drew closer to what resembled an expansive hotel bar where the mirrors on the wall were still intact. There, hanging in the corner was an illuminated Coca-Cola point-of-purchase display. I recognized it as one of the most rare collectibles in the collectors' guides I have referred to over the years.

I took it down and hurried out of that area to find them standing in the shadows just outside rays of light that poured in through old wood and glass doors in a dusty entryway, holding treasures they'd found while we were separated. One had found some old first-aid supplies, including an odd plastic bag with "Curad" on it filled with cotton swabs, and the other had found two yellow and black "circus" posters.

I remember asking the one with the swabs, "I wonder if you could reseal this?" Because I was certain that her kids would be playing in the relics. As we looked at the posters the other had found, we thought she could name her two cats after two of the names that appeared on each poster. And, for the life of me I can't recall what those names were, but at the time we thought it was a brilliant suggestion.

As I lay in bed, I began to think, "is any of this significant in any way?"

While I recognized references to some recent events, like my friend Becky finding a Curad bandage tin during her last antique-shopping trip, any other similarities are simply coincidence or must have a deeper symbolic meaning:

Is it that in the destruction of something long considered meaningful to me I've found something rare that I'd sought for years through the guidance of two women who have, at one time, been a significant part of my life? Perhaps.

The dream gave me pause. But, now I'm mostly awake and need to get on with my day. I'm sure Edith would appreciate having her litter box changed this morning. And I have layouts due at 2:00 PM. After that, it's back out to continue repair and upgrades to the pond.

Have a wonderful day.

11 April 2010

Dear Whining Crybaby Mitch McConnell:

I knew that getting Health Care reform underway was going to be a monumental task. I knew there would be partisan bickering but had hoped that both sides of the isle would look at the rest of the world and see where we rank among industrialized nations. Being first in cost and 37th in quality/accessibility isn't leading the world.

I had hoped that the people we elected would spend their time working out the details of the legislation rather than practicing politics. Most Democrats and some Republicans tried this. Others fulfilled their roles in this historic process by parroting Fat Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. I recently saw Repugnantcan Senator "Bitch" McConnell (R-KY) pontificating about how the Democrats didn't do what "most" Americans want and that they will be sorry come election time.

For nearly 100 years, this country has tried to get some sort of health care reform in place. And, in fact, Senator Mitch, more, or "most," Americans elected this President because his platform included the pursuit of solutions to our health care crisis. In spite of the fact that most of the progress he plans to make will be difficult and controversial, President Obama perseveres. You would do well to quit your whining, posturing and bitching and look for ways to be part of the solution, rather than the problem.

Being a native of Kentucky who spent half of his live in metro Louisville, I am not unfamiliar with your self-serving ascent in politics. I think you've always been a divisive "us against them" public figure. I am ashamed of you.