23 August 2010

An Open Letter to Gregg Steinhafel

I just printed this letter on a pristine sheet of New Leaf paper and am sending it to Minneapolis today:

23 August 10

Mr. Gregg Steinhafel
Target Corporation
1000 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403

Dear Mr. Steinhafel,

As I look through many of the articles on the pressroom pages of your website, I see how giving and supportive Target is to many segments of society around the world. I’ve always admired the brand for its good citizenship and what appears to be a genuine concern for the communities that support it. I realize, too, that Target deserves the high marks it receives from the Human Rights Campaign for it’s practices in workplace inclusivity.

Yet, I am writing today to tell you why I haven’t made my weekly trip to Target since the media circus surrounding Target’s donation to MN Forward ensued, and why I’ve crossed Target off of my shopping list altogether.

I have been following this story closely and have been hoping for some sort of correction on Target’s part. Today, I read an August 16 article in The Minnesota Independent where Target informed HRC that it “will take no corrective actions to repair the harm that it caused by contributing $150,000 to an organization supporting a vehemently anti-gay candidate closely associated with a Christian rock band that advocates death and violence to gay people.”

Mr. Steinhafel, in spite of the perceived benefit to business Tom Emmer’s policies might bring to your state, religious dogma — or worse yet hate in the name of religion — has no place in politics. The blood of the first person queer-bashed or killed when some fanatic decides to act on Bradlee Dean’s lunatic statements won’t be on my hands because I’m taking the more than $5,000 I spent at Target last year to other retailers in the future.



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