09 November 2011

Christmas Tradition

It started with a simple question: What are your favorite Christmas traditions?"

The query was posed on Better Homes and Gardens' Facebook wall back in July. I answered and posted a link to this blog: Stumped.

Around 10:30 this morning Cameron went to Walgreen's to pick up his new prescription for Ambien. At 11:03 my phone rang. When I answered, he said, "Congratulations."

I said, "for what?"

He'd been checking the newsstands for the last week or two and this time he found it. If you pick up a copy of Better Homes and Gardens December 2011 issue, you'll find one of our Christmas traditions featured on the lead page of the "Better Family" story, page 197. I learned that it would be included in the magazine in August and have done my best to keep quiet about it until now.

To say our holiday season is starting with a "bang" would be an understatement.

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