29 February 2012


It's odd to me that until now I haven't heard any background about the boy who murdered his classmates in Ohio. A simple search of his name yielded a scant bit of family history, mostly court records regarding his parents' volatile lives. Although I had my suspicion, I wanted to begin to understand why this boy lashed out like he did.

In the e-mails I get daily from Huffington Post, there was a link in "Tuesday's Brief" that took me to an article by Marlo Thomas on bullying and the innumerable wake-up calls we as a society have been given.

Bullying is, plain and simple, oppression. But it shouldn't be considered a rite of passage. It shouldn't be acceptable.

Indeed, it does get better -- most of the time -- but sometimes it doesn't. Only diligence, determination and, more importantly, adult guidance will help.

Give her post a read.

Marlo Thomas: "Tragedy in Ohio: When the Bullied Strike Back."

08 February 2012

The Mother of Prostitutes and Abominations of the Earth

Oh, for God's sake, Karen. Really? More double talk?

The language in your self-aggrandizing letter is no more than a thinly veiled rejection of your responsibility for putting Komen in the crosshairs for your own political gain, when clearly you are to blame.

Evidently the public outcry against Komen's decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood has done nothing to show you that using trickery to advance your personal and political agenda won't fly with those of us who support women's health for all.

Your phrase "perceived" challenges in the language used to justify ending funding for Planned Parenthood illuminates exactly how vile you are. Even though the organization's statistics show that only ≤3% of their work has anything to do with abortion, you've chosen to amplify your lies to anyone who will listen, screeching that Planned Parenthood equals abortion.

Admit it. You're on a personal mission is to end abortion and will stop at nothing to do it -- even if it means allowing innocent women who need breast cancer screenings to die.

Shame on the board of Komen for allowing you to destroy the organization's reputation. And, shame on you for being a the lying, cheating, double-talking Whore of Babylon.

02 February 2012

This is Hardly American

I read a story on Huffington Post about American Airlines wanting to cut 13,000 jobs. If you've been around at all you'll likely know my thoughts on this.

After posting a comment on HuffPo, I was told that the comment was deleted: "This comment has been removed. Most comments are removed because of an attack or insult on another user or public figure. Please see the guidelines here if you're not sure why this comment was removed."

I changed "asshole" to "filthy whore." Guess that wasn't enough. I suppose, too, that naming names probably goes against AOL policy. So, here are my uncensored thoughts:

So enlightening, this story.

Oh, but wait! Nothing was ever mentioned about the CEOs salary and the sacrifices he intends to make for the well being of the corporation.


Nah. He's just playing follow the leader. Not "leader," as in one who actually conducts his business fairly with virtue and goodwill for both customers and employees, one who is satisfied with a more than ample salary and benefits commensurate with the value of his business (like recently retired Costco CEO Jim Sinegal).

Rather, this is the kind of "leader" who only mimics the asshole that first traveled down this well worn road paved with avarice. This is the kind of "leader" who robs his loyal employees who were instrumental in the business' success (like NWA's Doug Steenland who suggested workers enduring 40% salary cuts could dumpster dive to make ends meet).

This is the kind of "leader" who steals retirees' benefits -- ones they earned and were promised -- by changing the rules after the fact.

This is the kind of "leader" who sacrifices nothing himself and ends up taking even more in bonuses and stock options when all the slashing and burning is done. This is the kind of leader who fattens the calf for slaughter, kills it off with a merger then retires with his balloon of cash to his six residences and protects his ill-gotten gains in offshore bank accounts to avoid fair taxation.

My heart goes out to the 13,000 threatened American Airlines employees.

And, my soul cries for this nation.