29 February 2012


It's odd to me that until now I haven't heard any background about the boy who murdered his classmates in Ohio. A simple search of his name yielded a scant bit of family history, mostly court records regarding his parents' volatile lives. Although I had my suspicion, I wanted to begin to understand why this boy lashed out like he did.

In the e-mails I get daily from Huffington Post, there was a link in "Tuesday's Brief" that took me to an article by Marlo Thomas on bullying and the innumerable wake-up calls we as a society have been given.

Bullying is, plain and simple, oppression. But it shouldn't be considered a rite of passage. It shouldn't be acceptable.

Indeed, it does get better -- most of the time -- but sometimes it doesn't. Only diligence, determination and, more importantly, adult guidance will help.

Give her post a read.

Marlo Thomas: "Tragedy in Ohio: When the Bullied Strike Back."

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