26 March 2012

The Emperor is Naked

Entries such as this may become a regular feature here on my little corner of "the Soapbox."

Or, it may not. Much like "Luncheonette," it may be all but forgotten after a while. For now, though, I've decided to take some of the most unflattering photos I can find of people who eschew acceptance and diversity, who vehemently campaign against any segment of society that isn't like them, who denounce any form of religion or spiritual beliefs that differ from theirs, who work to force being different unlawful in the eyes of the State.

I see this as a place for telling the naked truth, as understood by me and many of my peers. Common decency may sometimes fly out the window here and we'll sometimes "call a spade a bloody shovel."

The first charlatan to be featured here is Maggie Gallagher, founder of National Organization for Marriage. NOM campaigns against gay marriage by inserting its convictions, mostly based upon religion, into politics, corporations and society in general. Lately, it seems they are not getting the support they once did -- evidenced by the lackluster of support of 18,000 pledges for their "Dump Starbucks" campaign. I'm happy for their failure and pray they continue with that success.

Thankfully, campaigns such as "Thank Starbucks" from Sum of Us is only eight signatures short of reaching 300,000 supporters:"

Amazing! We’ve blown past 200,000 in just over 48 hours!

We are going to send a special “Thank You” card from all of us to Starbucks! The anti-marriage National Organization for Marriage has now received over 18,000 signatures on its petition, so we’re upping our goal to  250,000 — way more than 10 times the number of signers they have.  You all are phenomenal!

Thank you, Starbucks. And, thank you Sum of Us. Together, our voices can drown Maggie's droning, tired, non-Christian rhetoric.

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