25 February 2022

On Disrespecting Garden Tools

I wrote this three years ago and left it unpublished because it sounded like a whine turned to vinegar. Doing some filing and purging today put me here, and the last sentence seems timely given Vladimir Putin believes he's right to maim and kill his neighbors.

I often wonder and am usually convinced that my parents and grandparents must have felt the same sense of disappointment or sadness I sometimes feel when I see and hear the garbage that is thrust upon us as pop music today.

Attempts to equate these thoughts with recalling what I've read about the controversy surrounding Elvis Presley as he appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show for the first time doesn't seem to help. Though this was before my time, I am a history nerd who has studied popular culture, both way before my time and in the present. And, this whine of mine sounds familiar.

Many a string of pearls were clutched as Presley's gyrating hip routine and rockabilly approach to culturally appropriated music paved the way for a revolution that rejected the stuffy, prudish mores of previous generations, leading to the abandonment of hats, gloves, brassieres, girdles, horn-rimmed glasses and Brylcreem.

I digress.

A couple of rhyming words and eleven or twelve repeats of the same idiotic phrase does not a song make.
I get it cracking like a bad back.Bitch talkin she the queen, when she looking like a lab ratI'm Angelina, you JenniferCome on bitch, you see where Brad atIce my wrists and I piss on bitchesYou can suck my diznik if you take this jizzesYou don't like them disses, give my ass some kissesYeah they know what this is, givin this the businessCause I pull up and I'm stuntin' but I ain't a stuntmanYes I'm rockin' Jordans but I ain't a jumpmanBitches play the back cause they know I'm the front manPut me on the dollar cause I'm who they trust inAyo SB, what's the fuck's good?We ship platinum, them bitches are shipping woodThem nappy headed hoes but my kitchen goodI wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wishA bitch would
You a stupid hoe, you a, you a stupid hoe [x3]You a stupid hoe, (yeah) you a, you a stupid hoeYou a stupid hoe, you a, you a stupid hoe (stupid, stupid)You a stupid hoe, you a, you a stupid hoe (you stupid, stupid)You a stupid hoe, you a, you a stupid hoe (you stupid, stupid)You a stupid hoe, (yeah) you a, you a stupid hoe (you stupid, stupid)

No, Nicki Minaj. You a "Stupid Hoe."

Holding out hope for the future of humankind is a dismal and seemingly futile pursuit given the state of society today. White supremacists are crawling out from under their rocks. Racist assholes are running the government. I suppose war and famine will plague our species until the end of time or until we decide that avarice is no longer the word of the day.